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WCC Milling Tool WCC-33/ HT22

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WCC WIRTGEN Compact Carbide
-33 33 mm wide carbide edge
HT22 Base body for quick-change toolholder system HT22
Quantity per toolbox 4 pieces
Weight per toolbox 15.46 kg



WCC milling tools are eminently suitable for mixing compact soils with large pieces of rock thanks to their tool geometry and materials. They feature a highly wear-resistant carbide edge, which is extremely fracture-resistant and impact-proof due to the enormous material thickness.


Depending on their use, WCC milling tools make a useful addition to the existing pick range with conventional carbide tips.



1 Maximum fracture resistance in the carbide edge even for large pieces of rock thanks to the enormous strength of edges.


2 Wear-resistant carbide protective element ensures a reduction in wear on the steel body.


3 Great wear volume in the shoulder section on the WCC milling tool increases the HT22 tool carrier’s service life, thus making maximum use of the carbide.


4 Solid chip breaking web extends the tool’s potential service life since the carbide components can be protected from washout for considerably longer.


5 Reliable HT22 interface ensures lowmaintenance, dependable use of WCC milling tool.


WIRTGEN Compact Carbide (WCC) milling tools with an extremely robust carbide edge are particularly suitable for stabilising compact soils which contain large pieces of rock. This makes the WCC tools a useful alternative to conventional picks for these requirements.





On road works, the picks penetrate under the base layer, and sometimes even deeper into the ground. Depending on the road surface structure and the materials /additives used, it must be assumed that there will be abrasive (grinding) rocks with low grain size and, to some extent, tough binding elements. High cutting forces are applied when cutting these layers, which can be favoured by using a carbide tip with a higher cutting performance (e.g. W6). With increased abrasiveness, the size of the carbide tip should also be adjusted. A cylindrical carbide variant is recommended if larger pieces of rock or clods of soil are involved




Compact soil /milled material usually contains abrasive (grinding) materials that flow around the carbide tip and the pick head during the cutting process. In this application case, the wear to the steel body dominates, thereby limiting the service life of the tool.


Here, the carbide tip needs to deflect the material away from the steel body (pick head), reducing its wear.


For ground that contains pieces of rock, use of a pick with a cylindrical tip (or with a W6C tip) is recommended. In this case, the resistance to carbide breakage is the decisive factor because sudden impact stresses have to be deflected. When massive rock sizes apply extreme shaft stress on the pick, a pick with a 25 mm shank diameter can be used by replacing the top section in the quick-change toolholder system. Another useful alternative for this application example is the WCC milling tool, which particularly shows its advantages or enormous impact resistance in handling large pieces of rock.



> Asphalt layers with gravel layer beneath


> Extremely abrasive supplementary gravel


> Highly compact ground interspersed with stones


> Very gravelly soil with abrasive rocks




Máy đào bánh xích Hitachi ZX470LCH-5G


Máy đào bánh xích Hitachi ZX470LCH-5G


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