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Đầm dùi D76 (SP500)

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  • Mã sản phẩm: 145961

- ETG: ET041

WIRTGEN slipform pavers cover a variety of applications for high-quality offset slipform and roadway paving, all of which centre on the compaction of concrete. WIRTGEN uses electric or hydraulic vibrators for compaction. They are adapted in their individual types and designs to the different applications and optimised with respect to form and function. The outstanding features are the highest compression performance with maximum reliability and robustness.




Illustration of a bent electric vibrator


1 The shock-resistant plug remains unbreakable even at extremely low temperatures, thus ensuring a reliable power supply in an electric vibrator.


2 The special geometry of the vibrator prevents abrasion of the protective tube at its own suspension, its smooth surface prevents concrete from sticking.


3 Connections are fully sealed to protect against mechanical damage and provide enhanced insulation security and better heat deflection.


4 The high-quality AC induction motors have a high efficiency. The enlarged unbalance provides a larger effective diameter and a higher compression performance.


5 The special roller bearings ensure long life, which enables the economic use.





For offset pavement, which usually involves the paving of a profile, the mould is located alongside of the actual machine. The vibrators are positioned directly in the moulds and arranged such that the concrete is evenly distributed and compacted even in small or complex moulds. Straight vibrators are generally used in the offset process. The number and arrangement of the vibrators depends on the shape of the profile and the volume of concrete placed.





When it comes to road pavement, curved vibrators are usually used, which are submerged in the concrete in front of the slipform. The vibrators are distributed across the paving width in such a way that optimum compaction is achieved. On a two-layer paving the T-vibrators are used for the compaction of the second layer. For other applications, e.g. profiled surfaces, the various vibrators can be flexibly combined to ensure the best possible results for concrete paving.





Máy đào bánh xích Hitachi ZX470LCH-5G


Máy đào bánh xích Hitachi ZX470LCH-5G


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